The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode Three

Building a website for your branch, local or campaign

Don’t Broadcast Engage

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Show notes


2:00 Websites and communications strategy

  • Most union websites are inadequate – one way communication
  • Unions behind in using social media tools
  • Unions don’t have the resources to meet this need
  • If you take control of information at a local level you can change this
  • Create the role of Communications Officer
  • Develop a communications strategy that speaks directly to the workplace
  • This improves discourse, increases engagement and makes the union more democratic
  • Growth of general unions mean information is often unfocused
  • Unions use twitter to broadcast, not communicate

9:40 Building a simple website

  • What should be on your website?
  • WordPress – how we created Cyberunions on
  • Register a domain – you can export this later
  • WordPress installed on a server we rent – hosted by Telekommunisten

14:00 Younger members have a better grasp of technology

  • They should be encouraged to organise autonomously at a local level
  • As much power as possible should be devolved down to local level
  • Young activists have great ideas

17:00 Appropriate technology – using SMS/text messaging

  • One text lead to a walk out and a contract victory!
  • Hivemind – decentralised intelligence is powerful
  • Creating private groups in identica

21:00 Experimenting with Diaspora

  • Aspects – choose who sees your status updates
  • Find a community-supported Diaspora pod
  • There is development on an identica plugin for Diaspora, but it doesn’t work yet

25:00 Developing a web strategy – an overview

  • Get permission (or forgiveness)
  • Delegate responsibility – communications officer
  • Create a WordPress site
  • Register your domain
  • Create practical pages with relevant information
  • Email is still a useful technology
  • Use social media and integrate it with your website
  • It takes time to build an online presence
  • It’s easy to create a mobile version of your site – many people use smartphones, use services that connect with them
  • Don’t broadcast – engage








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  1. Good episode 🙂 I’m my branch’s communications officer and a long time linux user, so the technical side of this stuff is pretty familiar to me.  What I was wondering is what sort of things would you include in a communications plan? Do you have an example of one? I recently submitted one to my branch however it would be pretty useful to compare to others…

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