The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode Two

Welcome to the second episode of the Cyberunions Podcast.

A ‘strike’ against Skype.

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Show notes

As Skype disappears behind Microsoft’s walled garden, Free Software activists are working on alternatives

  • Microsoft buys Skype – what will we do?
  • Skype alternatives: Ekiga and Jabber/Jingle – Google Talk uses the Jingle protocol
  • GNU call

2:10 – Free and Open Source Software, free beer and free speech

  • In FOSS nothing is hidden from you
  • Microsoft is anti-union and opposed to workplace democracy, and their software is a bloated mess
  • We’ll keeping testing FOSS alternatives to Skype
  • Escaping the Microserf Gulag – starting out with Linux
  • Linux treats you like an adult – use is a learning experience

5:41 – Is Apple any better?

  • Better software – it’s Unix based
  • Apple also infantilises its uses
  • The app store has been a feature of Linux for years
  • Linux repositories – in the Linux ‘app store‘, everything is free
  • At least Apple mostly works
  • Apple controls your computing experience

8:22 First steps in Open Source – were to start

  • There’s help and support available
  • Linux has got a lot easier to use
  • Linux is now easier to install and configure than Windows
  • You can run it from a CD or USB to test it first
  • Ubuntu is the most popular, but we think Linux Mint is the best place for a new user to start -it’s easier to  use and more reliable
  • For more advanced uses, we like Debian Testing or Linux Mint Debian Edition, which is Testing neatly packaged by the Mint team
  • Ubuntu netbook is great for netbooks

12:02 Social networks – Facebook

  • Using Facebook for union campaigns
  • Good thing about Facebook – everyone is there
  • Low barriers to access – people new to the online environment learn to use it quickly
  • Metcalfe’s Law
  • Problems: Privacy – Settings are complicated and change often. Facebook does not respect your privacy
  • We see more and more Facebook-related cases in white collar workplaces
  • Facebook leaks data
  • Facebook is a timesuck – it encourages discursive activity and dissipates activism
  • Do people actually turn up to your Facebook events?
  • Use with caution and have an exit strategy.
  • Keep your data on servers you control – build your own website
  • A Facebook purge could seriously undermine your campaign

21:45 Alternatives to Facebook

  • Some problems with twitter too – being forced to hand over user data
  • StatusNet is a growing option – running StatusNet on your own site would give you control of your data
  • OStatus is an open standard for social networks – if this is adopted, you’ll be able to communicate with people on other social networks without having to join them.
  • With Ostatus, you would be able to interact with friends on Facebook or Twitter from StatusNet or Diaspora
  • Diaspora – runs on autonomous pods. Try London Diaspora or Diasp.Org if you need an account. Different pods can communicate with each other. Still a bit of a lonely place, so join us.
  • Diaspora aspects are great
  • More on Diaspora next week
  • Decentralised networks are more secure and less likely to fail
  • We’re keeping an eye on Incliq, a new peer to peer social networking service
  • Thimbl is developed by the venture communists over at Telekommunisten

30:02 Bringing together two distinct communities with common interests – FOSS and unions

  • Union activists should contribute to the FOSS community
  • Many programmers and developers don’t like multinational corporations either, and support unions
  • We’d love to see a genuine networked and global Cyberunion for IT workers
  • The union movement is changing – young activists are getting involved in Wisconsin and London
  • Unions should support organisations like ORG and EFF
  • Open formats rather than proprietary ones like .doc


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  1. Great going on the second podcast. Quick point that you missed about Apple; you mentioned that Microsoft ‘seemed’ hostile to trade unions, but neglected to point out that Apple has a shocking workers rights policy; both overseas (with the draconian working ethic for their Chinese workers, that has resulted in suicides) plus in Apple stores (where you’re a cog, not a person, despite the press. Had an interesting discussion with a person in the Birmingham Bullring store recently – I hope they’re listening to the podcast!). Apple Retail Workers have started to set up a Union, based in the states, and they seem to be ‘totally online’ – so might be worth reaching out?

    I couldn’t find anything about unions existing inside Microsoft. Bill probably eats any joiners…

    • Jamie thank you for the pointing out the Apple issue on labor unions…a very valid point and a discussion we plan in a future episode. Please keep the feedback coming we really love to hear peoples thoughts on the show it helps us with the focus and topics for future shows

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