Thank you for you interest in the survey.

An overview of results is available here, with some initial analysis here.


  1. Hi folks,
    Great work on the survey. Quick note for ‘next time’: I was one of the many people to reply who are union staff. I began the survey with the intent to speak to the Union I work for (CUPE), but then felt the need to change once the questions seemed more aimed at union members than staff (what industry do you work in?, what job do you do?, etc.). So I re-did the survey speaking to the union I belong to (Canadian Staff Union). THough this is all well and good, I noticed that with such a high number of union staffers replying, we may not know if these folks are speaking about their union, or the union they work for. Considering union staff often have a very different experience with their employer’s technology than do the members, it may be worth considering polling members and staff seperately.

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