The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode 78 – Securely Keeping Your Privacy Exposed (aka SKYPE)

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  • Microsoft with Skype is reading messages and other shady activities…dont trust them
  • Google goes the way of microsoft
  • More reasons to use OTR with xmpp
  • Duckduckchat using prosody  it is mit license, not gpl like ejabberd but written in the same language
  • Xmpp is reemerging as the means for chat (i.e. google, facebook, whatsapp, ddg, fsf, etc.)
  • Things Stephen is working on a connection of the xmpp server to the sip server so that users of the xmpp would be able to use the sip server too.
  • Preparing a presentation on how to do live video and audio streamining using only free software, This will be done when I get back from the US
  • In addition is the plan to use a Nokia N9 running a varient of debian to use the video source dvsource.
  • Google, Yahoo and Microsoft create a front group in Europe
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