Cyberunions Podcast Episode 69 Smashing the white racist, homophobic, patriarchal power structure AKA: International Women’s Day

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Internal Womens Day

Labor Section

  • Stephen starts with discussing the impact of contract workers from a Portside article
  • FedEx is a big contract company and UPS has the same internal battles as the Teamsters did not do enough to include a company that UPS merged with … Thanks Jimmy Hoffa<
  • Important issue for tech workers too cause a lot of the work is contract work resulting in less tax liability for the employer
  • Walton shares his experience from the General Federation Trade Union youth conference where he had the great experience of Labor education in theatre
  • The theatre was a world without unions and world with unions
  • Stephen recalls the interest of colleagues at his grad program about using street theatre as a form of education

Tech Section

  • Littlesis is taking a break as we cannot finish the installation on a shared server because of the memcache dependency
  • Stephen explains the details of what needs to be done, but he will also be looking at poderopedia since littlesis stopped communication after we initially spoke about it in the context of Palestine
  • Donations are important and getting a VPS can cost more and if we as a community want to test these things and build the infrastructure we need to establish a donation page
  • Stephen is starting to use the mayfirst sip account to communicate with conference calls and enjoying the technology
  • Stephen rants about the importance of hosting for leftist organizations…it is like the building you put your office in, knowing the conditions of the support staff for the building and the politics of the owner are important.
  • Stephen forgets the coop that MJray is in…but Walton saves the day
  • Hosting is important think about mayfirst, gaiahost, softwarecoop
  • Picking our hosts is very important to walk the walk and talk the talk.

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