Cyberunions Podcast – Episode 58 Where the F&#$ have we been!?

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0:28 The bots broke who is where and what?

  • Walton runs a 10k (stephen forgot to say he knows how far that is now) after a week off of drinking
  • Walton went to Italy to find the summer Britain did not have, it is a Fine country
  • Stephen had craziness with no vacation…dealt with a horrible living situation
  • Stephen’s past roommate is fucking crazy, Stephen had deal with a 38 year old that acted more like a 17 year old
  • Stephen is in a new apartment with activist sane people
  • Class war kitty…named pussy riot til he became a male so it is just riot
  • Stephen tries figure out 4500 pesos in british pound……… 215 pounds
  • Stephen now has a view of Ajusco

6:22 How are the movements?

  • Stephen is working more on the World Social Forum on Palestine more than mxtomalacalle
  • Learning the hard way in updating a Drupal module he forgot to read the notes
  • Stephen’s style of learning break it first
  • Stephen highly appreciates Sysadmins
  • Stephen tries to get Walton to send “income” his way
  • In addition to Drupal this week before going to San Francisco he will install CiviCRM
  • In addition to learning CSS, Stephen has grown to love EMACS

10:45 Diaspora is now in the community

  • about damn time!
  • Walton feels they gave up and don’t know what to do
  • Stephen thinks its too little too late and that they moved on to other projects instead of seeing it through
  • Expands the critique of those in the social movements commit it to the end don’t jump ship to the next popular thing in the news
  • Frustrated with the potential of diapora and the shit it became cause the reigns were never let go

20:56 Eurozone is hitting Southern Europe very hard

  • The town of Marinaleda in Spain is an Anarcho-Communist Commune that has reached the NYTimes
  • They are trying to be the utopia….if you want a house you pay 15 euros a month and the community helps you build the house in the community.
  • Job for life and you are connected to the community
  • The community is not isolated they support labor efforts elsewhere too
  • They have raided supermarkets to share the food with those in need in food banks
  • The social contract after WWII is breaking and communities are organizing more militantly to make sure it stays
  • Defending farm land is not an easy task, historically where it was successful is the Zapatista movement

26:00 Bad news from South Africa – the Marikana massacre

  • History of poor conditions in the platinum belt
  • Added problem of labour brokers and agency work
  • The National Union of Mineworkers seems to have lost their way
  • Conflict between NUM and an new union, AMCU
  • NUM accuses AMCU of being a yellow union – however this is unlikely as yellow unions seldom wildcat
  • Disappointing to see IndustriALL supporting the NUM line – dishonest and a failure of solidarity
  • Some evidence that Marikana was a planned massacre
  • More coverage here

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