The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode 32 We are back together to be separate again

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0:30 How are you?

  • Mexico City
  • Walton has an announcement
  • Might record from South Africa

3:38 Internet on Strike

  • Opposition to SOPA/PIPA
  • Petition the US State Department
  • We Blacked Out
  • US Senate vote on the 24 of January
  • Where is the Labor Movement on the Blackout?

8:21 Tech updates

  • Product review Asus EEE PC 1025c
  • Plenty of functionality, Walton edited one of the shows with it
  • Not a comparison but just a great impression

12:24 New server Mayfirst

  • Moved from Microhosting from to Mayfirst
  • Mayfirst IRC community was great
  • Stephen is learning sysadmin stuff with the Mayfirst community
  • Props to
  • Keeping out politics in line with our service providers

14:20 It gets Icy in the server

  • Stephen learned how to use Icecast servers
  • Could replace google talk
  • Might do live show with Icecast

16:23 We riseup to collaborate

  • Occupyboston used riseup pad
  • Participated with collaborating on the SOPA proposal for the GA
  • Integrated chat is pretty nice…bezel style

18:36 Feedback and labor

  • Industrial relations in the UK
  • Fighting the Austerity measures
  • Early morning protest Walton reports!
  • Scotland referendum

23:36 IRC Feeds the shows

  • Reminder we have an IRC channel
  • Some future show topics from there too.



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