The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode 30 Happy New Year

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00:30…and we’re back!

  • Holidays, disruption and dodgy internet connections have kept us offline for a while
  • Stephen is standing on the roof of his apartment in Guatemala trying to get a good 3G signal

01:50 Stephen’s updates

  • Been getting to know the social movements in the area
  • The Catholic Diocese is very active – Liberation Theology
  • Stephen lives in the land of capped bandwidth 🙁
  • Going to Mexico City soon to meet FOSS people

04:50 Walton’s updates

  • It’s been cold and lonely in Scotland without Stephen online
  • New Year’s resolution: less time staring at the #BlackMirror

06:30 We lose the connection and Stephen finishes the show alone

  • Stephen hits the beer and revolutionary peanuts
  • Stephen had an interesting New Year’s day and got injured playing football

12:00 Liberation Theology and Guatemalan politics

  • Still a force in Latin America
  • Silence on the Mountain tells the story of the post-Arbenz Guatemala
  • Stephen discovers the joys of developing countries without functioning governments
  • The Diocese is fighting against mining companies
  • Cooperatives are a major feature

21:00 Tech update

  • Stephen has had great success spreading the Libre Design love with Inkscape
  • His Spanish teacher is running Linux Mint now
  • Stephen practices his Spanish by doing a Spanish install of Mint
  • Stephen is exploring lots of different options – quite likely to move to Mexico next


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Marxist. Socialist & labor movement organizer. Boston DSA Labor he/him
Bread & Roses Caucus in #DSA


  1. Welcome back – good to hear from you both.  I’ve been working with a local college to get them involved in Open Source software.

    Some of their laptops that they’ve lent to me for use in Union Learning have Linux Mint on there, so I’m enjoying having a play with that – although they do dual boot to XP – I know, I know…  One step at a time.

    • Jamie,
      Great to hear from you! Awesome that you are working with a college on it! My former college at one point had their own ubuntu distro. Even had a linux lab too.

      Keep up the good work, we’ll try to keep the show going 🙂

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