The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode Nineteen – Swarming between bureaucratic inertia and the tyranny of structurelessness

Swarming between bureaucratic inertia and the tyranny of structurelessness

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0:35 Stephen’s updates

  • Stephen erases last weeks fail and installs Linux on some old hardware
  • Installed Crunchbang on an old HP
  • Chakra Linux might be worth a look
  • Walton commits himself to software good practice
  • Stephen fixes the cyberunions mobile site – #win
  • We segue into a discursive discussion on black lagers and imperial stouts

6:55 Walton’s updates

  • Walton relearns the laws of physics playing football
  • Dealing with feeback and planning future shows
  • Why are people so interested in organisational theory?
  • The most popular page on the site is the article about swarm organising

10:20 Trade union bureaucracy and structural inertia

  • Unions are hierarchical and mirror the organisational structure of Fordism
  • This model is outdated and holds unions back
  • The servicing model has been a failure
  • Everyone looks up instead of looking to each other

18:00 So how do we create responsive structures?

  • The Tyranny of Structurelessness
  • Structure must serve a purpose
  • Rhizome vs trees via Deleuze and Guattarri
  • Swarm theory
  • Twitter is the Hivemind
  • Open source politics – many eyes means fewer bugs

29:30 Tech update

  • update – lots of great new features in StatusNet

33:20 Feedback

  • MJRay criticises Freenode and suggests OFTC
  • Örsan reminds us we all live in repressive regimes
  • pvh in South Africa says pirate Windows is used a lot more than FOSS



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