The Cyberunions Talk Show: Episode Fifteen

Someone on the Internet is Wrong

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0:42 Walton’s On Holiday

  • Walton goes off the grid
  • He gets the time to read books we talk about one later

2:01 Stephen tries to Hold the Fort

  • Stephen couldn’t harass Walton as he was off the grid
  • While Walton was away Stephen changed up the place…Dropped Fedora
  • Walton Asks How many Distros Stephen’s had since the show started (over three months)
  • Gnu/Linux shuffle Step C to the L to the C to the F to the V
  • Settled on the V for Vanillux-Debian

4:20 Walton never heard of it neither did Stephen found it on Debian Derivatives:

6:32 Stephen Goes to Trivia Night at a Scottish Pub TheHavenJP

  • The Question that killed Stephen.. Who was the only US President to be a leader of a labor union
  • We almost make the show into a Beercast

10:08 Stephen gives a Verizon Strike Update

  • Veriozn is a baby bell and who is Mama bell

14:17 We talk about Keynesian economics it is not Socialism

  • Good books – Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson, and
  • Ha-Joon Chang’s 23 Things they don’t tell you about capitalism
  • Three options for economics
  • Capitalism is broken and Unions need to be prepared for a transition
  • Marx is back and he’s pissed off no he is referenced in a positive light
  • Neoliberalism works for the Capitalists
  • Keep the masses happy by giving them Reform or it is Revolution

26:13 Tech Updates a peak at Status Net 1.0 Beta and GIMP

29:12 Feedback

33:15 Thinking about beer .. Enjoy a Union Pint

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Marxist. Socialist & labor movement organizer. Boston DSA Labor he/him
Bread & Roses Caucus in #DSA


  1. It is a great show to listen indeed! I would love to hear more on which open source tool could help with what union function, also for renewal. For ex. organising, to link members directly to each other/exchange, int. sol., training, opening up the decision making and collective barg. etc… best

    • Örsan,

      Thank you for your thoughts on the show! We’d love to talk about free and open source software for linking members to member and opening up the decision making within unions. We have mentioned in our earlier shows some tools such as creating a branch website but there are certainly tooks that we are seeking to test that might be great ways of connecting members to members. is about to release their 1.0 version which we mentioned in episode 15 and the software is a great way for unions to build their own internal “twitter” without character limitations but full accessible on cell phones and other devices. When it is released we hope to test it out first as there are ways to setup private instances that allow only union members to use and in it are the abilities to create groups that people join and post comments and discussions in. I personally feel it would be great to build an sub-network of labor unions connected to each others nodes that still interact with facebook and twitter but can survive without them too. We will certainly approach these ideas in future episodes. If you have more questions or senarios to present please bring them up.
      In Solidarity

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