The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode Eight

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0:45 Stephen’s updates

3:00 Walton’s updates

4:00 News of the World phone hacking scandal – the crisis that keeps on giving

  • British tabloid newspaper is part of the Murdoch empire
  • Also owns Faux News
  • Sun and NotW had stranglehold on politicians
  • When Guardian broke the story of Milly Dowler phone hacking, people used social networks to swamp advertisers, telling them to pull out of NotW – within days the paper was shut down
  • Pursued mainly by Tom Watson MPNick Davies of the Guardian and Martin Hickman of the Independent
9:10 We speak to Tom Watson MP
  • Tom Watson feels social media was crucial for amplifying the campaign and giving it critical mass
  • Tom Watson is a rare politician who understands the internet – check out his digital pledges
  • Open Rights GroupEFF and Freepress.
19:00 We’re testing Google+
  • Recording the show using Hangouts
21:30 We review Cory Doctorow’s For The Win!
  • Buy it at a bookstore or download it from his website
  • About the Industrial Workers of the World Wide Web
  • Union organising in online multiplayer games
  • Bitcoin is covered in Linux Outlaws 215

Fight On! (Dan Lynch) / CC BY-SA 3.0

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