The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode Six

Testing The Feedback Loop



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  • Guatemala (0:01)
  • Walton’s Web development (2:20)
  • Skype Report?  Jingle (6:58)
    • Still looking for alternatives….reason are clear now – privacy & control over communications – panopticon society – you don’t know when they’re listening
    • Reference to Little Brother
    • Microsoft may eaves drop
  • Feedback section(13:44)
    • Review by MJ from the software coop, posted on Planet Debian – very pleased to have feedback, and glad he took the time to engage with the show
    • MJ very critical of our failure to get linphone working – felt we were blaming software for our failure to control our network hardware
    • (16:57) We are testers! our failed attempts of linphone and ekiga
    • (18:31) Alternatives discovered another new one to test zoho meeting.
    • Corrections (19:46)
      • @douglasawh
        • (19:55) well, one was that CC is a copyright license, not an alternative to copyright.
        • (20:34) Another was the whole Apache/OO.o kerfuffle.
        • (21:32) The third is that as long as you are on Windows Microsoft does provide a free reader.
  • Linux in the 3rd world(22:47)
    • Recycly computers
    • (25:44) Sense of Community
    • (26:20) Non-tech jump in to translate
  • Shout out/Thank yous (27:04)
    • Blokadikkt (Brian from helpful with using audacity


Thanks to 20lb Sounds and David Rovics providing excerpts of music for the bumps

El Bubblino (20lb Sounds) / CC BY-SA 3.0
After The revolution (David Rovics) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
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  1. Hi, I’m from Guadalajara, Mexico. Its very interesting what you say about 3rd world computing, at University of Guadalajara many engineers, physicists, mathematicians etc, use Windows to develop technology, design , to coding etc. That is very very bad. I learn to use a computer when I was 6 years old on a Debian powered machine. I realized that there exist Windows when I got internet a few years later. Many people says to me that GNU/Linux its very difficult to learn, I always say to them: that is a wrong idea.I hope some day people open their minds and switch to this powerful system. Nice podcast.
    BTW it is GNU/Linux not just Linux haha. Sorry for my English =/. Greetings from Mexico.

  2. Jaoquin, muy bien! You English is great! It will certainly put my spanish to shame 😉

    It’s great to read a similar perspective. My father who is retired but teaching computer classes in Haiti said there is similar trend there where the lead Computer professor insists that Windows experience leads to employment. Where as I’d say if you start with Linux, figuring out windows is easy.

    As for using the term GNU/Linux as we establish the show, we acknowledge that many of our listeners are not as tech savy and to alleviate confusion at this stage jut the general term Linux suffices.

    Having visited Chiapas I cannot wait to got back to Mexico. Tambien en Mexico Primera División me gusto Guadalajara.

    nos vemos!

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